We Revolutionize Kitchens


To put innovation to work in a holistic culinary ecosystem where brands of all sizes have the support to succeed.


Building a global network of culinary resources for the commercial success of the brands we represent by instigating cutting-edge practices for business efficiency.


The regional food delivery market in Southeast Asia is estimated to grow from US$5.2 billion in 2019 to US$20 billion by 2025 (1), with the ongoing global pandemic expected to accelerate this trend.

Globally, these factors are anticipated to further contribute to the explosive popularity of cloud kitchens, which is estimated to grow into a market valued at US$1 trillion by 2030 (2).

With the food delivery market in Malaysia estimated to grow from US$267 million in 2021 to US$410 million by 2024 (3), this is expected to further spur cloud kitchens domestically, as a solution that is well-suited to helping F&B operators adapt and thrive in the face of ongoing challenges.

To catalyse this growth, our goal is to seek out and instigate insightful initiatives that enable F&B brands to capitalise on the immense market potential that is waiting to be captured.

COOX stands apart from the vast majority of cloud kitchen models globally, placing our priority on ensuring brands we represent have the most innovative solutions at their disposal, so they are well-positioned for the best possible chance for success.

Our unique approach involves leveraging diverse expertise and industry connections, to identify and implement synergistic best practices that deliver results for our brands in a highly replicable and sustainable manner.